Keep Your Kids Busy and Having Fun

Printable Scavenger Hunts for kids, big and small.


Do you have restless, bored kids at home that are bugging you constantly?

  • Your kids are antsy, unsettled and irritable
  • Your kids are bicker and fight often
  • Your kids spend lots of time on devices
  • You are frustrated and overwhelmed
  • You need SPACE and alone time
  • You need new tools to keep them busy

If your kids are restless and you need ideas to keep them busy, these scavenger hunts will help.


Your Plan to Keep Your Kids Busy and Having Fun



Get immediate access to the scavenger hunts..



Print the checklists, and put the scavenger hunts to use!



Say goodbye to frustration as your kids stay busy and have fun.

My kids love the scavenger hunts! They are simple enough for my 3 year old, and yet fun enough for my 9 year old. Gives them something to do when I hear “I’m bored!” or want to keep them busy and off electronics!

-Nicole G. from MN

What do I get with the set?

With The Scavenger Hunts for Kids Set, you get:

  • 24 Scavenger Hunts Checklists
  • Variety of Educational Topics
  • Combo Words & Graphics for All Ages
  • Immediate Digital Access

Whether you've got one or many, this set will help keep kids of all ages busy.

You need simple tools to keep your kids busy and having fun.

Too many parents are cooped up with their stir-crazy children. They have run out of ideas to keep their kids busy, and have resorted to survival techniques as they try to ignore the chaos.

It's time for a new set of tools to get your kids engaged. It's time to be the hero of your story so you can keep your kids busy and having fun, (and get a little peace and quiet for yourself!)

This set of scavenger hunts will help keep your kids busy and entertained, as well as active and exploring, so a sense of peace can fill your home.

Meet Your Guide:

Hi there! I'm Laura.

I am right where you are. I'm a mama of two young kids (4.5 and 2), as well as a 6 lb toy poodle who thinks she's a human. And my husband took a job out of state, and is only home 20% of the time (or less.) The words to describe my parenting journey this year have been overwhelming and LOUD. I created these scavenger hunts for myself; to keep my kids busy and happy. I know they'll do the same for your family too.

What's Included in The Scavenger Hunt for Kids Set:

  • 24 Scavenger Hunt Checklists, to keep your kids busy and having fun for hours.
  • B&W Scavenger Hunt Graphics, ready for your kids to use as fun coloring pages.
  • Educational Topic Variety, to help your kids learn in a fun way. Scavenger Hunt topics include Nature, Insects, Colors, Shapes, Indoors, Animals and more!
  • Adaptable and Reusable, so they can be tailored to different ages, as well as reprinted and used again and again. (Or laminated!)
  • Immediate Digital Access on any device, so you can access or print the scavenger hunts anywhere, at any time.

24 Scavenger Hunts, hours of entertainment (and peace), for only:


The Scavenger Hunts are our favorite! Any time I need my kids out of my hair for 20 minutes, they work like magic. I put them in a clear plastic sleeve and give them a dry erase marker, and they do the hunts over and over again!

-Amanda S. from MN


We've got A's for your Q's

What makes these scavenger hunts different?

There are tons of parenting resources on the internet and lots of scavenger hunts on Pinterest; many of them free. Why buy this set? Because time is precious and if you've ever been down the Pinterest rabbit hole (guilty here!) you know how much time it wastes. With The Scavenger Hunts for Kids Set, you get 24 unique scavenger hunt checklists in one bundle. You don't have to scour the internet for something new, or try to think up one yourself. You have two dozen options that you can use, and then reuse as many times as you want. Plus, these scavenger hunts aren't just a simple list. They are checklists with pictures so your kids can treat them like coloring pages too; that's double duty!

How much does it cost?

The Scavenger Hunts for Kids Set includes 24 unique scavenger hunt checklists, full of words and ready-to-color pictures, perfect for kids big and small, for only $14. You can print the checklists as many times as you want, or laminate one set and use repeatedly; the choice is yours. For $14, you get 24 tools to use over and over again, giving your kids hours of fun and you, hours of peace. (!!)  

What aged kids are these scavenger hunts designed for?

The scavenger hunts are primarily designed for kids in early childhood and elementary school. However, they can be customized and made more challenging for older kids too! Additional criteria can be added (like specific colored or patterned items), and quantities can be changed to make it harder. The scavenger hunts are perfect for big kids to facilitate for younger kids too. Homeschool, babysitting, day care, or simply at home with siblings; these scavenger hunts serve a wide range of ages and settings!

You say these scavenger hunts are educational; how so?

The 24 scavenger hunts cover a wide range of topics, and each topic includes two versions: an easier version and a more challenging one. The checklists cover topics from nature and insects, to clothing, kitchen, shapes, colors and numbers, plus many more. Use the scavenger hunts as a fun game or as educational lessons. Either way, your kids will be learning as they play!

When can I get started?

Right away! As soon as you finish checking out and complete your purchase, you'll receive an email with download information. You'll have immediate, digital access to The Scavenger Hunts for Kids Set as soon as you buy it.  

Laura, what's your story?

According to my college degree, I'm a nurse, but I've never worked a day as one. Instead, I bought a DSLR camera and started a photography business. I photographed everything from weddings and portraits to commercial and real estate over the better part of a decade. Over the last few years, I had two babies and entered motherhood; pulling back from my heavy shooting schedule. I still photograph portrait sessions for my photography business, and I also run a craft website and a parenting/blogging website. I'm so happy to be here helping you thrive in parenthood.

What if I buy it and don't like it?

The Scavenger Hunts for Kids Set comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you buy the set, and decide it's not for you, just send me an email and I'll refund your money. I know it's hard to trust your money to a stranger on the internet, and hope the product you're getting is worth it. I made sure this scavenger hunt set is worth it, but if you don't agree, no hard feelings! I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.  

What's the next step?

You're ready to buy The Scavenger Hunts for Kids Set and get started? Awesome! Click the "Get Access Now" button and complete the checkout process. You'll receive an email with download information, and the entire scavenger hunt set will now be at your fingertips! You'll be able to download and use the scavenger hunts right away!