Is Your Business on Pinterest?

Success waits on the other side of a Pinterest marketing strategy, and we're here to help.

Pinterest is not just a social media platform.

  • Pinterest is a visual search engine.
  • Pinterest users surf with the intent to buy.
  • Pinterest content circulates longterm.
  • Pinterest gives you free, organic traffic.
  • Pinterest helps you with Google rank.
  • Pinterest usage has gone up dramatically.

Pinterest is the best way to market and grow your business right now.

If your business is not on Pinterest, you're missing out.

We can help solve that.


On Instagram and Facebook, organic reach (aka people seeing your posts when you don't pay to promote them) is very limited.

They want you to pay so people see your content, and if you don’t pay, they don’t show it to many people. 

That’s where Pinterest comes in. 

Right now, Pinterest is the only platform where you can see good traction and results without having to pay to promote your content.

Pinterest is not a typical social media platform; it’s a search and discovery tool.

People go to Pinterest to find answers to their questions, inspiration for their projects, and products to buy.

It also has powerful domain authority, so Pinterest boards and pins can show up higher in Google search than websites do.

That means Pinterest has the power to move your business forward, if you use it right.

And we're here to help you do it.

Your Pinterest Marketing Plan for Success


Make the decision to hire us for your Pinterest marketing. Choose your plan, and complete the intake process so we have all the information needed to get to work.


Whether you hire us for a Pinterest account set up only, or choose to add monthly Pinterest management too, we'll lay your Pinterest foundation, and implement a plan for the future.


Watch your Pinterest metrics grow, see your website traffic increase, follow up with your new leads. Watch Pinterest become the backbone of your digital marketing strategy.

Laura Radniecki - Creator of The 30 Days of Ornaments Collection

Meet Your Guide:

Hi there! I'm Laura Radniecki.

I'm a blogger and photographer from central Minnesota, and I've been an online digital marketer for over 10 years.

I've spent the last decade cracking the code on how to increase traffic to my websites, and I've been on every social media platform there is.

I'm convinced that Pinterest plays such a crucial role in today's online world that every business should have a solid Pinterest presence and marketing strategy.

That's where I come in.

Your Success is My Goal

I'm here to help businesses get started on Pinterest, and I'm here to help with their Pinterest strategy going forward too.

Success waits on the other side of a Pinterest strategy.

Let's get started.

Laura Radniecki - - MN

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